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2011 preliminary figures look to be an all-time low.  However,  it must be noted that preliminary kitten numbers usually climb significantly as the late registrations straggle in.



For 2010, after final numbers we had a frightening 20% drop in litter registration from 179 to 144.  Number of kittens fell 22% from 625 to 490 and litter size fell 3% from 3.49 to 3.402. Over all breed ranking held at 21. 


For 2009, after final numbers we realized a 3% increase in litter size from 173 to 179.  Number of kittens increased 7% from 584 to 625 and average litter size increased 4% from 3.375 to 3.49.  Breed ranking held at 21.


For 2008, after final numbers litter registrations increased 25% from 138 to 173.  Number of kittens increased 24% from 471to 584 although overall breed ranking held steady at 21


For 2007, after final numbers, total litters were almost stable and total kittens showed a slight increase.  Note that preliminary figures showed that registration fell again by 15% - an indication perhaps that breeders delayed registering litters. The breed maintained the breed ranking of 20th.


For 2006, registration figures fell 13% from the record level of 2005 while the breed maintained it's breed ranking of 20th.



For 2005, raw registration figures for cats registered increased to a record number 418 cats, an over all increase of 39% and the breed jumped from 22nd in breed rankings to 20th.


For 2004 registration figures fell from 363 in 2003 to 300  while overall ranking in terms of all breeds stayed stable.  For 2004, the breed is ranked 22nd among all breeds recognized by CFA right above the Manx and right below the Colorpoint Shorthair.







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