Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

November 20, 2011 830AM


In attendance:

Jill Archibald

Carol Babel

Karen Bishop

Linda Buzonas

Laurie Coughlan

Sharon Folts

Tim Fowler

Hans Garretsen

Olga Garretsen

Doris Horak

Doreen Mathas

Melanie Morgan*

Eric Selvidge

Pat Summers


bulletThanks to all the Mau breeders who supported the first ever National Show.
bulletBreed Brochure
bulletIndividual breed brochures have received sponsorship, hoping to have them out in 2012.  Text is being rewritten.
bulletCombined breed brochures have been redone and are out in production
bulletUrate Stone study
bulletUrate Study Discussed article out on Urate stones and the current study headed by Dr. Lyons. All info on this is on Breed Council website and all breeders/owners who have cats with issues are urged to participate as this will help all cats with a growing problem

Breed exhibit was present at the National show

Breed Booth was present at the show and Pet Me cats were very popular with the public.





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Link to Urate study information