Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Breed Council Meeting

Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

November 21, 2009 8AM


In attendance:

Jill Archibald

Karen Bishop

Linda Buzonas

Laurie Coughlan

Melanie Morgan

bulletWelcome from BCS and announcement that no agenda items for discussion had been submitted
bulletOld Business
bulletNone discussed
bulletEgyptian Mau Rescue In U.S.
bulletDiscussion regarding new breeders breeding cats from EMRO and selling them as Egyptian Maus. 
bulletDiscussion regarding several contacts about getting unaccepted colors accepted as a resutl of the unregistered cats being bred
bulletAgreed that there is not much we can do except attempt to educate the public whenever possible
bulletAction Item – None.
bulletJudge's workshop June 2010
bulletReported that we have already had several people volunteer to bring cats for presentation and all three colors will be represented
bulletRequest made again for pictures, although Richard Katris kindly supplied us with a number of proofs that will prove useful
bulletDiscussed format – the presentation is not for breeders, but for judges as and as such will not be a recitation of the entire breed standard. It will concentrate on those areas the judge’s feel need clarification and those areas that the BCM feel need more explanation
bulletIf anyone has any key areas that they feel need to be addressed please forward them to BCS
bulletDiscussion regarding Breed Club support for costs associated with presentation. International Egyptian Mau Society started a fund to offset any costs associated with the presentation
bulletAction Items
bulletMembers of other breed clubs to check with their clubs to see if they will contribute to presentation fund
bulletBCM to forward any areas of concern to BCS
bulletBCM to forward pictures and/or any versions of presentations they have done
bulletMeet The Breeds Recap
bulletKudos given to MTB group and congrats to our very own Cat Idol: GC D’otz Shooting Star
bulletMTB provided much needed publicity for the breed including an appearance on Regis and Kelly
bulletBreed Booth - new look unvelied







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