Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Egyptian Mau Breed Council

Breed Council Meeting

Saturday November 18, 2006 8AM Breed Booth San Mateo, CA


Members in attendance

Jill Archibald

Karen Bishop

Constance Carroll

Michael Michaels

Regan Montemayor (via phone)

Melanie Morgan

Hilary Nelson

bulletOld Business
bulletCurrent status imports
bulletAudrey Law imports (2) coming in via TICA registration
bulletTwo pending imports coming in are in initial stages
bulletJudges input Breed Standard Issues
bulletEye color
bulletJudges feel that the 18 month grace period for development of eye color makes it impossible for them to evaluate the breed fairly against other breeds as the majority of the cats that they see are under the age of 18 months.  Because of the specified 18 months they are not quite sure how to address what is obviously (10 points) and important feature in our breed
bulletMost judges are penalizing even kittens without green
bulletMost judges feel that the breed is slipping backwards in terms of eye color
bulletDiscussion about options of how to address this concern
bulletPoint was made that the Egyptian Mau and Korats are unique breeds with late developing eye color. This was discussed and it was pointed out that most breeds have this phenomenon. The difference is most of them do not give allowances for it.
bulletSuggestion made to change to read “allowances made for lack of green eye color in kittens”
bulletSuggestion made to change penalize for no green eye color after 18 months to disqualify
bulletMany breeders felt that the judges should not be addressing any eye color issues unless the cat was 18 months
bulletNo action taken – waiting for formal notification from Breeds and Standards
bulletJudges feel that they are seeing shorter tighter coats with glitter
bulletPoint made that coat is not a color issue, it is indeed a coat issue and that coats need to be of proper length and texture
bulletTail faults
bulletDiscussed previous Breed Council Meeting where we agreed that showing cats with tail faults brings unwelcome attention to the problem in the breed
bulletBreeders report a much higher incidence of judges checking tails with zealous concern lately.
bulletSome discussion about what constitutes a tail fault: per our standard – any abnormality
bulletJudges consider this to be a major problem in our breed. Despite the fact that our standard is nearly identical to that of the Abyssinian, there are very few Egyptian Maus being shown who have profiles like the Abyssinians
bulletMany breeders expressed a concern that they do not want  the Egyptian Mau profile to look like an Abyssinians
bulletDiscussed the fact if that is the case that we are confusing the judges with our wording
bulletRegan Montemayor volunteered to write up an explanation of what we consider an ideal profile so that we can discuss it on Breed Council list and hopefully forward to Breeds and Standards
bulletEgyptian Mau Rescue In U.S. and Egypt
bulletDiscussion regarding concerns about EMRO as an Egyptian Cat rescue group versus Egyptian Mau rescue group, the resulting confusion in the eyes of the public  and our position on that
bulletConstance Carroll volunteered to write up a position statement regarding the Breed Councils stance on EMRO










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