Egyptian Mau Breed Council



Egyptian Mau Breed Council

CFA International Show, San Mateo CA

Sunday 11/20/05 8A-9A Breed benching


bulletOld Business
  1. Kitten Project
bulletItems for discussion

1.      Review and discussion of import policies

2.      Egyptian Mau rescue both in Egypt and in the U.S. 

bulletOther business



Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

November 20th, 2005San Mateo CA



Jill Archibald

Karen Bishop

Constance Carroll

Laurie Coughlan

Susan Melia

Melanie Morgan (Secretary)

Hilary Nelson

Elena Raddock


bulletExtension of Kitten project discussed. All members encouraged to participate
bulletImport Policy and Breeds and Standards/CFA central Office revisions/suggestions summarized
bulletRescue needs both in US and abroad
bulletEMRO – Constance Carroll and Hilary Nelson to coordinate with EMRO. Lana Pennington to forward information as well
bulletU.S. Need for regional contacts for coordination discussed. The following have volunteered for their regions:
bulletHilary Nelson –Mid West
bulletDot Brocksom - West

Meeting adjourned





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