Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

June 29, 2018  6PM



Attending: Jill Archibald, Karen Bishop, Laurie Coughlan,  Tim Fowler, Pat Summers and Melanie Morgan (BCS)

bulletCongrats to this year’s winners – two National winners – for the first time ever a mother and son in same year and fifth and sixth generation NWs.  Two DMs including a new male.  Seven Regional winners, 18 new grands and one new G.O.D.
bulletBreed booth – last year travelled to Garden State, National Capital, CFA International Cat Show, Crab and Mallet, GEMS/Sternwheel and Hidden Peak.This year a similar schedule is projected with GEMS, Bengal Alliance and The CFA International confirmed.
bulletGEMS Breed Summit July 28, 2018 –all welcome. Once again having all classes of Egyptian Maus judged together and Best of best awarded in all allbreed rings.  Special evaluation class will be open to all Egyptian Maus and Bengals. Limit ten.  Breed Workshop Saturday immediately following show for Maus and Bengals and evening program – Back to the Future. 
bulletBAOS International Show – Need cats for BAOS at International
bulletPK Deficiency -  still no signs of symptomatic cats.  Reports that some breeders have been selling KK cats.
bulletOngoing efforts to revitalize the study to identify the genetics behind the issues with Ammonium Urate stones continue with impetus from Carol Fluery.  We are hoping to fold this into the already ongoing 99 Lives project
bulletRegistration by pedigree – Board approved review by BCS – that is going well.  With anywhere from 6-10 cats per year coming in via pedigree. 
bulletBreed Council Secretary meeting with CFA Board – went over agenda items                                            


                        1.         Issues with timing and format of the year-end breed files

                        2.         Breed Council Renewal issues

                        3.         Central Office Providing e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers of Breed Council/Committee members

                        4.         Audit of registrations for accuracy/color issues

                        5.         Issues with pedigrees coming in from other associations

                        6.         Financial assistance for Breed Booths for International Show

                        7.         EMS Registration Codes in lieu of BCS Codes

                        8.         Breed Council/Committee Code of Conduct

                        9.         Timeline for 2018 Ballot Items







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