Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

July 1st, 2016  6PM



Attending: Jill Archibald, Becki Bergeron, Karen Bishop, Laurie Coughlan, Melanie Morgan

bulletCongrats to this year’s winners – three National winners in championship – a historic first.  Five DM’s first sixth generation DM, youngest male DM and first female to have five grands in one litter.  10 regional winners – 11 Regional wins. 25 grands and first G.O.D.
bulletBreed booth – traveling to International Cat Show and Garden State
bulletGEMS Breed Summit July 30 2016 –all welcome. Once again having all classes of Egyptian Maus judged together and Best of best awarded in all allbreed rings.  Also adding an evaluation class with written summary of each cat.
bulletBAOS International Show – May need cats for BAOS at International
bulletPK Deficiency -  still no signs of symptomatic cats.
bulletRegistration by pedigree – discussed change in procedures and changing requirements to exclude those registries/areas with known fraud
bulletBreed Council Secretary meeting with CFA Board – went over agenda items

1.         Schedule and guidelines for Ballot Cycle-Bizzell

2.         BCS Code clean-up project-Bizzell

3.         Identifying e-mails coming from Breed Council Secretary e-mail link on WEB site-Bellavance

4.         Rules of Registration online-Morgan

5.         Global Changes to Standards requiring detail ballot item—Kimberlin

6.         Statistics on litters and breeders-Morgan

7.         Quality of certified pedigree

8.         Methods of communication for B.C.s






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