Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

June 28, 2013  6PM



Teruko Arai

Jill Archibald

Carol Babel

Becki Bergeron

Karen Bishop

Laurie Coughlan

Tim Fowler

Linda Humpage

Mark Humpage

Melanie Morgan

Mike Pfister

Karen Sterland


bulletCongrats to this year’s winners – two National winners including history making trifecta and the first 3rd generation, nine RW/DW, 18 grands as well as Best and 7th Best cat in agility
bulletBAOS Garden State – represented by Dell, GC GP NW Emau’s Dancin Inthe Dark Of Mautrix, DM. Carol Babel has back up cat
bulletBreed Booth present at Garden State, National Capital and World Show
bulletDiscussion on pros and cons of microchipping kittens
bulletUrate Study – Leslie Lyons in transit and in the process of changing the requirements for submitting samples.  New requirements will need blood draw from sire, dam and affected cat. While they are willing to do the study at no charge, they need submissions – at least 30 groups. Since it was hard enough to get pet owners to submit cheek swabs, the need for blood draw will make this difficult.  Leslie will be giving us specifics once she settles and web page will be updated
bulletPK Deficiency - discussed the current testing procedures and need to test our breeding cats.  Also discussed lack of information and need to educate ourselves on the problem. Historically we have not seen a lot of symptoms – this was confirmed by all breeders present – none of us had a cat diagnosed with any problems consistent with the deficiency.  Discussed the  danger of overreacting and limiting the genepool but also the the need to ideally breed for NN cats. All members are urged to forward test results to for inclusion in a database tracking the status of breeding cats.
bulletEgyptian Mau rescue – Update on CT rescue cat from Carol Babel and Jill Archibald
bulletImports – update on status of pending applications and Mike Pfister gave us an update on the work he is doing with two imports.  Pictures of F1 and F2 kittens were passed around
bulletBreed Council Secretary meeting with CFA Board – went over the agenda (see below)

2. The balloting process – the timing, that a standard should be a standard and not

subject to frequent change.

3. Funding of Breed Councils (Thomas). Discuss what other breed councils do to raise and/or disburse funds,

4. Term of Office (Thomas and Mitchell). Discuss longer term of office and more detailed job description or handbook.

5. Relevancy of breed council membership (Thomas). Discuss members who no longer breed or exhibit, or members who were listed as owner on paper to gain membership.

6. Term of Dues (Mitchell). Discuss why dues due by August, when membership runs December to December, and possibility of changing to something that makes more sense.

7. To increase genetic diversity, get CFA’s assistance in identifying little-used lines from the registry (Wheeldon via Kolencik). 

8. Requirements/numbers needed to be shown for color classes (Gregory).

bulletMember issues - none
bulletGEMS Show – update from Show manage Tim Fowler. Invitation to attend to all extended.






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