Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

June 29, 2012


In attendance:

Jill Archibald

Carol Babel

Karen Bishop

Laurie Coughlan

Tim Fowler

Doris Horak

Melanie Morgan*

Pat Summers

Bob Weller

bulletCongrats to this year’s winners – two DM’s, one NW,  9 RW, 29 grands
bulletDiscussed agenda for Breed Council Secretary meeting with CFA Board –

Note am including both the discussion with Breed Council and in italics the subsequent summary of Board discussion.

bulletUrate Study – Discussed need for submissions for study headed by Dr. Lyons. All info on this is on Breed Council website and all breeders/owners who have cats with issues are urged to participate as this will help all cats with a growing problem
bulletSilver Study - Discussed continuation of this search for the silver gene. Egyptian Mau breeders have been asked to participate. All info for submitting samples is up on the Breed Council web site
bulletMember issues -Discussed the suggestion made at the Winn Foundation dinner about breeders/owners collecting saliva samples from all kittens/cats and maintaining a cattery repository of samples for future DNA testing if needed.  Follow the instructions for taking samples from the Instructions for Taking Samples on the breed council site, let dry overnight, seal in a paper envelope, write the info about the cat (name, age, date collected, sire/dam, etc.) on the envelope, and file.  As the cat ages if it has any issues (e.g., develops stones, asthma, etc.), go back and note on the envelope.  At some point in the future if there is a study being done and you have a sample from a cat that might be of use it can be supplied to the researchers.

Preliminary agenda for Board meeting with Breed Council Secretaries

Date: Saturday, June 30
Time: 10:30am to noon

1. Frequency of changes to standards – less?
2. Reformatting how the breed profiles are laid out on the CFA website, to add in grand photos submitted for the Almanac/Yearbook each year. The text on the CFA website came directly from the individual breed brochures.   Change the text to use what is on the CatsCenterStage site, which is what was written up for The Cat Fanciers Association Complete Cat Book - much more extensive, and has a bit of information on history, personality, etc.
3. Overview for each CFA recognized breed, the requirements for registration via pedigree from foreign registries, their recognized colors, allowable outcrosses and perhaps some additional specifics. Translate into most often-used European languages.
4. Update on Individual Breed Brochures
5. Possible revisions to Advancement of New Breeds/Colors, especially for breeds that exist in other associations.
6.Consider the addition that “Show cats of all breeds should have essentially amiable dispositions or Show cats of all breeds should be amenable to handlingť
7. Genetic Diversity Leslie Lyons, Ph.D.






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Link to Urate study information