Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

June 25, 2010 6PM


In attendance:

Jill Archibald

Laurie Coughlan

Tim Fowler

Doris Horak

Linda Humpage

Bob Mathas

Doreen Mathas

Susan Melia

Melanie Morgan*

Pat Summers


bulletCongrats to this year’s winners – three DM’s, 9 RW/DW, 35 grands
bullet35 grands ties record for most number of grands in a season
bulletGEMS 2009/2010 awards presented out of order while waiting for last BC members to arrive
bulletDiscussed agenda for Breed Council Secretary meeting with CFA Board –

Note am including both the discussion with Breed Council and in italics the subsequent summary of Board discussion.

bullet1.         Determine if the New Color Matrix is appropriate for smaller breeds or obscure colors.

Erroneously thought this was a reprise of the old standardizing of colors project and we discussed the fact that the Egyptian Mau colors will not fall into standard categories as they are key to unique attributes of breed

Breed Council meeting with Board – turns out this had nothing to do with the color project that was on the board a couple of years ago. The color matrix refers to requirements for acceptance of new colors and the question was how it applied to individual breeds, especially those with low numbers.  Consensus was that BCS should discuss privately with Breed and Standards Chair if/when issue arose.

2.         Update on combined breed pamphlet.

Breed Pamphlet being revised with input from BCS this time. The first combined pamphlet was printed with no input from BCS and there were a number of errors/omissions on many breeds. Number of characters was limited.  We discussed desire for individual trifold pamphlets if available.

Draft of revised combined pamphlet was passed around for approval. No corrections noted.  New version will be printed using sponsor money end of July. We will use old ones until then.

There will be no breed article in this upcoming yearbook. There was a poor response from Breed Council Secretaries in the past, so it was decided to do away with the breed articles.

Most Breed Councils expressed desire for individual brochures.  Apparently they are working on getting a PDF that will be posted so that each breed/breeder can print their own. No estimated completion date given. If sponsor money becomes available they may be made available on a mass basis as well.

bullet3.         Discuss giving all 3 national breed winners (in championship) the ability to use BW in their title, making it an official CFA title.

Unanimously agreed that we all want to keep the integrity of the BW for Best of Breed only.

Straw poll of various breeds indicated that most breed councils concur that the integrity of the BW should stay with Best of Breed.

bullet4.         Also, extend national breed wins to kittens and premiership cats, making it an official CFA title.

Discussed differentiating it by using PW or KW, but again desire was to maintain the integrity of the BW for Championship Best of Breed

More discussion on this one, but the final consensus seemed to be in line with what we discussed in Breed Council Meeting

bullet5.         That CFA Central Office print and send Certificates of Award to top 10 kittens, championship and premiership winners, to coincide with what the Yearbook advertising campaign is currently soliciting.

No one seemed to feel strongly about this. Pretty much good idea if budget permitted.

Agreed that Central Office will look into making them available for printing via PDF

bullet6.         Update on breed exhibits at the National Show.

Discussed need for Breed booth at the National

Benching will be by breed with space for a mini-MTB type set up to include but not be limited to a breed booth

bullet7.         Breed Council involvement in Judges’ continuing education and BAOS (updating presentations, etc.).

No real discussion on this

Current schedule was passed around showing which breeds have not updated. Egyptian Mau is up to date

bullet8.         Discuss moving Breeds and Standards from the February board meeting to June or October.

Discussed the time table issues. Members open to whatever decided at Board level

Decided to leave it as is.

bullet9.         How far back in a pedigree does your breed council wish to look? Determine the method to best gather information from the breed councils to find out what a generation requirement means (i.e., if a breed has a 5-generation requirement and a non-conforming cat appears in the 7th generation, is the entire pedigree tainted?).

No real discussion on this

Lots of discussion at Board table – no real consensus, other than the fact that as the computer system is being transferred they are finding vast numbers of mistakes. Issue is how far back in a pedigree do the breed councils want to go, what specific traits are you trying to keep and will DNA testing take care of it. How many generations do we want to go back to accept a cat for registry.  

bulletUrate Study – Discussed article out on Urate stones and the current study headed by Dr. Lyons. All info on this is on Breed Council website and all breeders/owners who have cats with issues are urged to participate as this will help all cats with a growing problem
bulletMember issues -Discussed the suggestion made at the Winn Foundation dinner about breeders/owners collecting saliva samples from all kittens/cats and maintaining a cattery repository of samples for future DNA testing if needed.  Follow the instructions for taking samples from the Instructions for Taking Samples on the breed council site, let dry overnight, seal in a paper envelope, write the info about the cat (name, age, date collected, sire/dam, etc.) on the envelope, and file.  As the cat ages if it has any issues (e.g., develops stones, asthma, etc.), go back and note on the envelope.  At some point in the future if there is a study being done and you have a sample from a cat that might be of use it can be supplied to the researchers.






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