Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Breed Council Meeting

Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

June 26, 2009 4:30PM


In attendance:

Jill Archibald

Karen Bishop

Constance Carroll

Laurie Coughlan

Michael Michaels

Vicki Michaels

Melanie Morgan


bulletOld Business
bulletNone discussed
bulletMeet The Breeds
bulletMTB – Sat & Sun 10/17-18, 10:00 – 4:00
bullet160 AKC dog breeds, 41 CFA cat breeds
bulletEvent to include booths for each breed, vendors, student art contest, education demos and activities such as dog and cat grooming, agility, obedience, K9 working dog, CFA breed showcase, faux judging ring for People’s Choice, etc.
bulletHotel & Transportation to/from Javits Center The preferred hotel is the LaQuinta in  Secaucus, NJ.  Standard rate is $119 but better rates can be found online.  There are a large number of hotels in Secaucus including some suites places for sharing.  Bus will depart from LaQuinta and drop off at Javits, so if you book a different hotel, check its proximity to LaQuinta.  Bus will run Friday afternoon as well as over the weekend.
bulletBooth Structure Each booth is a 10x10 space with pipe & drape – 8’ backwall and  sides.  You will be provided with cages for the cats set on tables not trestles, 1 6’ draped table, 2 chairs and 200 copies of your breed profile.  Additions/substitutions can be made with advance notice.  Electricity can be provided at a cost of $110 per booth.
bulletCurrent BC volunteers: Susan Melia, Katheryn Dunham, Renee Ferguson. They will also bring non BC members to help man the booth
bulletTracy Fisher and Whitney Nickel have volunteered to help with decoration design
bulletMichael Michaels is looking into disinfectant for the booth
bulletSince Union requirements dictate that all that can be brought in must be done by hand or on a two wheeled cart only, we are looking at lightweight banners that can be hung
bulletDiscussed layout to include an Oasis theme with Pyramid designed and built by Jill Archibald as backdrop. Table to be set at opening where cats can be displayed. No public to enter the display – more like a picture window…
bulletDiscussed need for cats amenable to handling and desire to have all three colors represented if possible
bulletDiscussed appropriate breed brochures/handouts – still looking for good options
bulletCFA to provide 200 breed brochures – more can be purchased
bulletDiscussed concerns regarding logistics and liability
bulletAction items MTB:
bulletPlease forward design or giveaway ideas to Melanie Morgan
bulletMM to get answers on concerns
bulletJudges Workshop
bulletMinneapolis June 2010 – firm
bulletObjective of workshops: training opportunity for judges
bulletDiscussed need for cats to use in presentation
bulletIdeally at least one of each color
bulletWould like a list of concerns, items of interest that we want addressed
bulletWill ask judges what they want addressed.
bulletPresentation will address the concerns of both breeders and judges rather than simply recite the standard
bulletWould like a section on concerns and one on breed differences between Ocicats and Egyptian Maus
bulletAction Items Judges Workshop
bulletAll Breed Council members - Need Pictures for use in the presentation –
bulletConstance Carroll to provide a copy of her report on Ocicats V Egyptian Maus as a template
bulletAll Breed Council members -Would welcome copies of any other breed presentations to consider and use as templates for final product
bulletMM to coordinate cats as we get closer
bulletEgyptian Mau Rescue In U.S.
bulletDiscussion regarding concerns about EMRO misrepresenting Egyptian Cats as Egyptian Maus and sending to U.S. 
bulletDiscussion regarding problems with new CFA cattery/breeder who is advertising unregistered Egyptian cats in multiple unaccepted colors as Egyptian Maus – several complaints from pet buyers and BC members received
bulletAction Item – Michael and Vicki Michaels to check out the situation in Texas and inspect if there is an attempt to register the cats.




Next meeting: Atlanta November 2009

Unofficial notes from the Meeting with the Breed Council Secretaries and the CFA Board of Directors

June 27, 2009 (Debbie Kusy)

 Breed Council Secretaries and their reps that were present is included on a separate sheet � sheet was passed around during the meeeting for everyone to sign up.  There was also a sheet passed around for Claudia to include names and email addys of those who were to be signed onto the new YahooGroups list that Claudia was creating for the Meet The Breeds Event in New York City in October. 

The first issue that had been proposed as a topic for the meeting was the issue of the Breed Council Online Rapid Renewals not being available until July.  Allene Tartaglia from Central Office addressed this issue and promised that online rapid renewal for any current BC member would be fully functional by November of 2009 and would stay up all year.  There would be a disclaimer on the front page making it clear that this was ONLY for rapid renewals, new applications would still have to be submitted to Central Office for processing.

The second issue that had been proposed was offered by Martha Auspitz � she had suggested that requirements be developed for a perrson to be a Breed Council Secretary.  This would require an amendment to the current Breed Council Standing Rules in the CFA Constitution.  Debbie Kusy mentioned that a previous BCS had offered to chair such a committee, but had not pursued the issue, and asked if there was discussion or volunteers to work with Martha on such requirements.   Barbara Sinbine stated that she felt that people that were not qualified would not  be elected and wasn’t sure that we needed to add such requirements.  George Eigenhauser spoke and offered the same opinion.   Their not being much support for the idea, we moved on to the next topic.

The third topic was only brought up briefly as it was not pre-noticed and had come out of discussion at the Thursday board meeting.  Breed Council Secretaries were asked to think of ways to increase participation in the CFA Breeder Directory.

The fourth and final Topic was the “Meet the Breeds” event that was to be co-sponsored by AKC and CFA in New York City on October 17-19, 2009.  Committee Chair David White,  Breed Booth Coordinator and Breed Council Liaison Claudia Hasay and Event Coordinator Geri Fellerman were there to discuss plans with the BC Secretaries.  David White also mentioned other committee members Allene Tartaglia, Treasurer Kathy Calhoun, and Linda Rogge and Deb Metz as Vendor Coordinators.

David started by mentioned that they wanted a minimum of 30 breeds to be represented at the event.  Someone asked if all breeds could be accommodated if they all wanted to attend.  David said no � a maximum of 30.  AKC has already established the event, so many will be coming to see the dogs � need to move them to the cats too.  This is a great opportunity for us to expose our pedigreed cats to the public � a very large gate is expected.

The show hotel is in Secaucus, NJ, folks will be transported to the Jacob Javitz Center by bus.  Javitz Center is a union shop, so certain restrictions will be placed on moving items in and out of the building.  For example, only 2-wheeled carts are allowed, 4-wheeled carts must be moved by the building’s union labor at great expense to CFA and will not be permitted.  $2000 per breed being given by CFA $100 of that money will go to pay for the bus transportation, the other $1900.00 can be spent on whatever the booth coordinator desires.

Booth  Size is 8 X 10 on all sides.   Donna Bass � should breeds be separated by, for example, coat diffeerence, rather than set up alphabetically?  (I didn’t record an answer to this and don’t remember what the answer was, sorry).  All Breeds must commit to booth or not by July 15.  Multiple BC members do not have to be there at all times,  just so someone is there to answer basic questions.    In case we go over 30 breeds � Peeg Johnson suggested that maybe breeds could combine.  Per Allene, all breeds will be accommodated, if more than 30 sign up, some similar breeds may be combined in one booth

Jackie Bennett is working with a vendor to provide a glass front for the wire cage for about $75.  Jackie will send photos when prototype is completed.   Per Claudia - Cages will be on tables � CFA is providing a 6 foot table. Key word to the booth is “neat” � and inviting to the public.  Keep sanitizing hand wash available.  Budgeted amount was $2000 per breed, less $100 for bus expenses.    Hand out a list of only breed council members for breeder referrals.

This discussion went on right up until the 11:30 time limit, with many left who wanted to speak.  Because of other commitments, we did have to cut off the meeting.

Thanks to all who took the time to attend, most board members were present and only six breeds were not represented (American Bobtail, Balinese/Javanese, Colorpoint SH, Ragdoll, Ragamuffin, Singapura), that is truly a wonderful turnout.







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