Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Breed Council Meeting

Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

June 28, 2008 1PM



In attendance:

Dan Beaudry – not a member

Karen Bishop

Laurie Coughlan

Katheryn Dunham

Lovisa Johannson

Bob Mathas

Michael Michaels

Whitney Nickel 

bulletWelcome and congratulations to winners of 2007/2008
bulletBrief recap Breed Council Secretary meeting with CFA Board
bulletCFA pre-paid registration stats – need to encourage participation
bulletCFA Breed Council eligibility – committee to work on reviewing requirements chaired by Caroline Scott
bulletAttracting new breeders – “kinder and gentler” approach
bulletCoordination of BAP and Rescue with Breed Councils
bulletSharing info among BC’s with import policies, use of genetic testing – committee to address various options. Egyptian Mau put forth as a model.  Genetic testing now affordable and accessible
bulletImport policy
bulletUpdate guidelines – handed out revisions as proposes by Constance Carroll. Asked for feedback. Will be submitting revisions, which are just a clean up with no change in intent, to Breeds and Standards for ballot this year
bulletDiscussed large number of recent applications and issues that have come up. Asked for input on recent grandfathered applicant with mottled pink and black pawpads.
bulletDiscussed the fact that they pulled their ad from Cat Fancy and have been cooperative in that respect. However, many cats listed are clearly not Egyptian Maus and are promoted as “crosses”
bulletStandard issues
bulletAsked for Paw pad color input – should we specify DQ fro any other than black?
bulletMember issues
bullet    None

Next meeting: International Atlanta 2008







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