Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Breed Council Meeting

Saturday June 30, 2007  1PM Room 401 Hilton Austin, TX


Members in attendance

Jill Archibald

Karen Bishop

Constance Carroll

Laurie Coughlan

Doris Horak

Michael Michaels

Vicki Michaels

Melanie Morgan 

Old Business

bulletStatus Imports
bulletLarge number of import applications/indications of interest in last year due to heavy promotion by EMRO
bullet3 cats have been accepted via the new import policy and more are pending
bulletMost, although not all, of the people expressing interest in importing have little to no breeding experience and are not currently active in CFA

Items for discussion:

bulletImport policy adjustments
bulletC.O. Revised our original policy and deleted the generational requirement
bulletAfter a trial period with the new policy it seems that there is a real need for the generational requirement as originally proposed.
bulletNew ballot will hopefully have that updated version of the import policy
bulletSummary Breed Council Secretary meeting with the Board
bulletBCS needs to define AOV for inclusion in the standard - in progress
bulletRules for Registration

§         Forwarded to BCS earlier this year for review and approval. Some breeds have found errors and we are in the process of cleaning up the definitions with C.O. Egyptian Mau is fine

bulletRegistration statistics

§         All breeds forwarded to BCS – and all breeds urges to encourage improving on the percentage of registration

§         Maus are very low- suspect that this reflects on number of people who are not CFA active

§         Action Item - request for number of individual breeders made by Constance Carroll  -

bulletAttracting new breeders

§         Starts and ends with “Be Nice”

§         Long discussion about whether having new breeders start with premiership is restrictive or not

§         Long discussion about restrictions in themselves – through pedigrees, attitude etc  – pros and cons

§         Ideas about how to find new people

§         Utilize existing resources – pamphlets, access to potential markets through 4-H, AKC

§         Explored initiating activities for new exhibitors at the annual

§         Discussed instituting a novice category

§         Summary of discussion items will be forwarded from Peg Johnson

bulletBreed Council renewals/deadlines

§         8/1 deadline for submitting resolutions/ballot items – details for procedure on website

§         Year runs Jan-Dec, but latest to be active for the year is August 1

§         Not BCS responsibility to submit/write the proposals

§         Is BCS responsibility to edit, evaluate and submit if determined appropriate

§         Standards are standards and there is no need to change on a constant basis – use when deemed necessary, but okay to leave alone as well

bulletReiterate procedures for communicating concerns regarding standard/breed related issues to judges

§         Concerns should be forwarded to BCS who forwards to B&S

§         B&S forwards to judging list

§         Responses, if any, are forwarded back to BCS who forwards to BC members

bulletDiscussion about revising current process of Breed workshops to include one main breed and several others with just one issue updates given in 15 minute “snippets”.  B&S will be submitting this suggestion to the Judging program committee members
bulletDiscussion about reinstituting a standard period of time between litters

§         Several instances where litters have been registered to same female 4 months apart in multiple succession

§         Scientific advisory committee chaired by new Board member, Roger Brown will be revived and tasked with investigating this issue

bulletColor Description project still underway

§         Goal to standardize as many colors as possible for all breeds

§         Julie Keyer point person, Cheryl Coleman, Melanie Morgan other contacts

bulletRegional Rescue update
bulletSummary of successful rescue endeavor coordinated by Jill Archibald

§         11 year old silver relocated from NJ to FL in April

bulletUpdate eye color issue
bulletNo official notification from B& S and no feedback from judges list
bulletDiscussed Jill Archibald’s suggestions from November meeting to change standard to clarify that allowances should be made for lack of green eye color in kittens and that cats without green eye color by 18 months should be Disqualified.
bulletAs of meeting, no official proposal has been submitted
bulletCongratulations to all 2006/2007 winners
bulletMeeting adjourned


Next meeting: Louisville 2007







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