Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Egyptian Mau Breed Council

Breed Council Meeting

Saturday June 17, 2006 10AM Cascade II Hilton Reno, NV


Members in attendance

Jill Archibald

Karen Bishop

Dot Brocksom

Constance Carroll

Laurie Coughlan

Michael Michaels

Melanie Morgan

Patricia Summers


Old Business

bulletKitten Project
bulletOpen through July1, members urged to make sure that they are up to date with litter registrations
bulletRegional Rescue coordinators
bulletIncrease in need for rescue intervention creates need for regional contacts

§         NE – Dot Brocksom

§         W – Hilary Nelson

§         Mid-Atlantic – Patricia Summers

§         NE – Jill Archibald

§         MW – Michael Michaels

bulletHotbed/problem areas coming primarily from MO and KS
bulletLooking for Volunteers to screen and identify as well as coordinate

§         Objective of the program to provide communication to and from BC to Judges. Method for sharing Breed Standard specific items with judges and exhibitors

§         Coordinator is Breeds and Standards Chair who communicates with the Breed Council Secretary who receives input from Breed Council members

§         Draft of specific procedures is in progress and will be published soon, but until then the informal procedure remains that all issues from breeders should be forwarded to BCS who will forward to B&S Chair. B& S Chair then forwards to judges lists. Any responses will be forwarded to BCS who will report back to BC members.

§         Concerns about fact that feedback in response from the judges has not been provided brought up. Procedures should work both ways  

§         Lengthy discussion from various BCS about unauthorized contact or confusing posts that cause confusion among judging community.  B&S stressed fact that communication should be funneled through and screened by BCS

§         Discussion about using the procedure with discretion – every contact has both intended and unintended repercussions

bulletDiscussed need for ongoing education and problems with judges not understanding our breeds or colors

§         Smokes “a waste of time”

§         Smokes “dilutes”??? – unworthy as a color

§         Judging all in one color class

§         Mis-identifying the breed

§         Egyptian Mau is a brown desert cat

bulletNeed to educate when appropriate, but do no initiate discussion unless warranted and there is an opening after the final. Best to not make a big deal about it.  Wait for the opportunity and make yourself available. If judge asks, then respond
bulletIf there is a problem that concerns you, one avenue is to contact BCS and let them address it through Breeds and Standards
bulletRequest made for official form for chain of communication – will bring it up with Breeds and Standards at next meeting, but in the meantime, the chain of communication is via the written contact
bulletUse with discretion – but remember,  there are intended consequences and unintended and we need to be careful to not cause unexpected problems
bulletCommon Color Description project
bulletDesigned to identify common colors among all breeds. Project underway. When complete all common colors will be referenced at front of standards rather than in each individual standard. Cheryl Coleman coordinating, Melanie Morgan assisting
bulletOutcross extensions
bulletSome want permanent outcross – need for rationale stressed           
bulletJoan Miller discussed that times have changed. In past, outcrosses were only options for expanding genepool, now we have Internatioinal connections as well as other registries
bulletKitty Angell discussed that we often concentrate on the positives of outcrosses, but there are also often negative and that all outcross opportunities carry potential risk that must be addressed with care.
bulletDefinition of HHP discussed at length
bulletPaul Patton asked why registration policies were not available. B&S chair promised to look into the issue and forward to BCS – Will forward when they are available
bulletBreed Standard Changes
bulletFrequency – use common sense. Every time a change is passed, 100+ judges need to assimilate new information
bulletAlternate years for LH/SH discussed
bulletIntended and untended effects discussed and the need to be extremely careful
bulletNeed to clarify what AOV means in each breed

§         Different objectives for each breed

·        Advancement to Championship status

·        Tracking

·        Info/education for judges (straight eared folds)

§         Melanie Morgan to head committee to compile specific breed definitions

§         Egyptian Mau AOV

·        Originally the smoke introduced as AOV with goal of introducing for advancement

·        Black implemented so that they could be used in breeding programs

·        Dilute versions introduced for tracking purposes only

·        Question asked if the intention was to eliminate the dilutes from genepool – answer that it was breeder discretion, but that we all need to be careful about limiting our already small genepool

bulletEssence of a Breed
bulletProject to produce a soundbite that defines the essence of each breed for use with P.R., shelters, public, lobbyists etc….

§         Joan Miller to forward draft to BCS

§         BCS to put together overall vision/description

§         Will forward draft from Joan for brainstorming once available

bulletMentorship program
bulletNeeds point person who will screen and then forward protιgι applicants as appropriate – Egyptian Mau point person: Melanie Morgan
bulletBreeder Referral List – CFA
bulletClassified ad – anyone can particpipate
bulletConcerns about implied CFA endorsement

§         Qualifications – show 2 times, Breed Council members – no Board support at this time

§         Discussed procedures for dealing with frequent complaints.  There is a method for filing protests for complaints from public who have contacted people supplied by CFA

§         Discussion regarding the only thing we can do is to be very careful about where and how we sell our cats

bulletBreeder Assistance Program
bulletBC website should include information on retirees, rescue
bulletB&S to forward Program details to BCS


Import policy

bulletPassed in diluted version which was dictated by Central office
bulletBoard members assure us that if we want to modify for the future, that they will be receptive
bulletGood start – well received
bulletGuidelines actually designed from the original proposal and specified by the BCS. Designed to clarify process.
bulletConcern about taking out the generational requirements, and the requirement that the cat should be picked up in person by importer


Egyptian Mau Rescue

bulletConcerns over EMRO program discussed
bulletArticle has had some significant impact
bulletNot an Egyptian Mau rescue group – should be promoted as an Egyptian Cat Rescue group – which is very different
bulletMany people who are not Breed Council members and who do not have a sufficient knowledge base are the ones who are integrating cats not properly screened


Next meeting: San Mateo November 2006


Adjourn for awards presentations from GEMS, EMBFC








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