Egyptian Mau Breed Council



Egyptian Mau Breed Council

CFA Annual Meeting Atlantic City NJ

Saturday 6/18/05 12PM-1PM Sheraton room - Steel One 

bulletOld Business
  1. Kitten Project
  2. CFA Website correction color breakout
bulletItems for discussion

1.      Summary Breed Council Secretary meeting with the CFA Board and Breeds and Standards Chair    

        Minutes distributed at meeting - see below

2.      Website update

3.      Yearbook by breed

4.      Review and discussion of import policies

5.      Egyptian Mau rescue both in Egypt and in the U.S.

6.      Current issues on the breed standard as expressed by CFA judges

7.      Guidelines for Breed Standard Changes

bulletOther business
bulletBreed Club Reports
bulletGEMS Club update/Awards – Bob Weller
bulletEMBFC Club update/Awards – Dee Keenan


Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

June 18th Atlantic City New Jersey




Jill Archibald

Carol Babel

Karen Bishop

Laurie Coughlan

Casey Joniello

Dee Keenan

Don Keenan

Melanie Morgan (Secretary)

David Morgan

Whitny Nickel

Karen Slemmer

Bob Walton

Linda Walton

Bob Weller

bulletGuest Speaker: Gary Veach – Mentor program
bulletDiscussed need for mentors in the CFA Follow me program and asked for help
bulletTribute to Jan Wydro and Welcome
bulletYear-end summary and congratulations to 2004/2005      

Although reported registrations were down 20% from the previous year, 108 different Egyptian Maus representing 41 catteries earned regional/national points and the breed held its ranking of 22nd among all CFA recognized breeds.  We increased our total DM cats by a full 25% in one year with four DMS three of which as already mentioned came from one cattery and we added as well our first bronze grand champion to our list of DM cats.  25 new grands including 14 GC, 11 GPs and one double grand from 12 catteries joined the ranks of Egyptian Mau grands… Our National Breed Winner, a lovely silver girl, owned by Dee and Don and Dot and affectionately dubbed “Precious” ended up 30th Nationally and became as well the 7th highest scoring Egyptian Mau all-time… Congratulations Dee and Don!  Our National 2nd Best of Breed, a smoke half sister to last year’s BW, became the 2nd highest scoring smoke ever and 10th highest scoring Egyptian Mau all-time.  So two of our National Breed Winners were in the top-ten all time… Quite a year!  Our third best of Breed, a flashy silver boy represented a fabulous accomplishment for his breeders Bob and Carol; not only was he a RW in the year they ran his grandmother to a RW in Premiership, but he was the first cat of their breeding to become a GC!  Congratulations to Bob and Carol…  In addition to the 3 Breed Winners RW we added 4 other RW titles for a total of 7 over the season.  This included 2 for 1 cattery, 2 in Japan and 1 for our best Kitten.  Congratulations to all and may this year be just as successful…

bulletSusan Little Kitten Project
bulletEnds in July
bulletNeed birth report, 4 week report and 6 month report – please make sure that your litters are up to date
bulletCFA Website Breed Profile color description corrected March 2005 in accordance with agreement from Scottsdale meeting
bulletPresent summary Breed Council Secretary meeting with CFA Board (See attached)
bulletPresent summary Breed Council Secretary meeting with Breeds and Standards Chair (see attached)
bulletWebsite update – positive feedback from CFA Central Office and Board members as well as breeders. 
bulletGoal an ongoing historical archive, by definition a work in progress
bulletYearbook by Breed
bulletOpportunity to showcase our breed – historical archive
bulletDetailed process for breed sections and potential for marketing opportunities
bulletDiscussed need to supply grand photos for historical purposes and need to support yearbook
bulletReview and discussion of import policies
bulletNeed for guidelines
bulletDetail Minimum standards to include a cat with no disqualifying traits
bulletDiscussion of standards:
bulletSpotted, no white, meet minimum breed standards with basic pattern qualities, should be healthy
bulletTemperament an initial issue, but should improve over generations and will vary depending on specific cat
bulletEgyptian Mau rescue
bulletDiscussion of CFA Breed Council and individuals potential interaction with the group
bulletU.S. Rescue
bulletDot Brocksom West Coast Coordinator
bulletWould like Coordinator across the Country by region
bulletNeed MidWest, Mid Atlantic, Southern and New England volunteers
bulletGrowing need for rescue with increase of unguided breeders
bulletCarol Babel mentioned a rescue situation in New York
bulletThat cat was not an Egyptian Mau
bulletCurrent issues on the Breed Standard as expressed by CFA judges
bulletDiscussed mechanism for interaction between Breed Council and Judges – sub committee in place to develop procedures
bulletEar size – concerns about decreasing size – geographically specific
bulletProfile – standard describes an Aby profile and very few Maus exhibit that – profiles are universally straighter
bulletEye Color – Geographical concerns about lack of green in adult cats
bulletDiscussed age allowance and the 10 point allotment on standard
bulletDoes this handicap our breed as versus other breeds by taking away 10 points off the top
bulletDo judges really make allowance – should they?
bulletSome cats turn from Blue to Green with no in between, others are slow developers, but have a green ring
bulletLack of green ring indicates a problem
bulletNeed to clarify how the eye color is considered by the judges
bulletNeed to clarify our position with the judges
bulletCurrent issues on Breed Standard as expressed by present members
bulletOverall size of the breed
bulletConcerns that size of breed was getting smaller
bulletSome judges complain that they are seeing to small a cat
bulletSome judges complain that they are seeing too large a cat
bulletThere is a Male/female skew
bulletThe Breed is a medium breed, and should be neither large, nor small but there is variable interpretation of this description
bulletComparable to other medium breeds such as Aby, Russian, Tonk
bulletDiscussion of size of Original cats from Princess – approximately 7 and a half to 8 pounds for stud cat in picture mentioned
bulletOngoing concern both from breeders and judges
bulletAn issue that all of us need to recognize as important
bulletGuidelines for Breed Standard Changes/Ballot issues – will be up on Website
bulletDeadline for submission of proposals August 1
bulletGEMS report
bulletEMBFC Awards presented
bulletGEMS Awards Presented

Breed Council Meeting with CFA Board

Thursday 1P-3P Crown IV-V

bulletCommunication between Board and Breed Councils
bulletEstablished a committee to design system for presenting a two-way flow of information regarding standard issues between breeders and judges, Norm Auspitz, Carla Bizell, Debi Stevenson
bulletConcerns regarding representation of the opinions of one or two breeders or judges versus the consensus of the entire group…
bulletBreed Council Web Site
bulletOverview of current guidelines
bulletOnly change added ability to include DM’s with up to two generation pedigree info
bulletBreed Sponsored rescues and CFA Purebred Rescue status report
bulletOverwhelmed. Foster homes overflowing
bulletCrisis situation
bulletBoard actions on corrections to MC Color Class Omissions
bulletLengthy discussion regarding process and constitutionality
bulletColor Registration and Standardization
bulletNot feasible to standardize colors for all breeds
bulletPrevent registration color errors
bulletGetting AOV colors straight
bulletNeed to provide guidance not only to central office, but to new breeders so that we minimize inconsistent registrations.
bulletACTION item – provide prefix worksheet to Central Office and post on Breed Council Web site as a resource for new breeders as well as Breed Council Members
bulletACTION item – Tom Dent to send list of current prefix breakout to BCS
bulletListing Eye Color in Judges books
bulletPrimarily involves Turkish Angora and those breeds with whites
bulletTracking purposes for breeding – other alternatives available such as prefix numbers
bulletJudges/Secretaries split
bulletBreed Council Articles and Photo Selection
bulletOverview current process
bulletBreed Council Secretary responsible for supplying information and pictures with help from Central Office archives
bulletConcerns about good representations of all colors (Tonkinese) and changes from published article to web site archive
bulletACTION Item B&S – Will look into the changes and get back to BCS
bulletRegional Assignment of DM awards with Multiple owners
bulletOverview of current policy
bulletSent to first owner of record
bulletRecommendations for change
bulletClaim form
bulletLeave as is
bulletTabled for further discussion


CFA Breed Council Meeting with Breeds and Standards Chair

June 16th 5P-6PM Crown IV-V

bulletBCS Responsibility overview
bulletDeadline for submission of proposed changes up to Breed Council Secretary
bulletEgyptian Mau August 1 so that we have time to review prior to September 1 Deadline for Central Office
bulletBallots to be mailed Mid-November
bulletMembership timeline
bulletJanuary through December, August Deadline is only there as drop dead deadline in order to vote on current year proposals.
bulletBreed Council Guidelines Standard Changes overview
bulletShould include
bulletProposed section describing change
bulletProposed standard wording
bulletUse Strikeout and bold
bulletBe consistent
bulletDo not refer to other breeds
bulletUse positives, not negatives describe the ideal
bulletBCS responsible for
bulletReview written and signed questions from Breed Council Members
bulletRevise questions and rationales as needed
bulletProvide guidance to submitters and remove ambiguities/consolidate proposals
bulletMissing a number of Breed Write ups (Egyptian Mau one of first six submitted)
bulletAlternatives to Early Neuter Spay to protect Breeders
bulletPre-charge for procedure with rebate upon completion
bulletHold onto kittens until old enough for procedure
bulletHold back blue slips
bulletProvide monetary incentive to register kittens - $25 rebate
bulletEstablishing Import guidelines
bulletEach breed individual policies
bulletMicrochipping standardization policies need to be reviewed

Please feel free to contact the Breed Council Secretary if you have questions regarding  membership.






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