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Note membership runs May through April. Dues must be paid in order to be considered a member on good standing.  Voting on ballots happens once a year and the last date to pay dues and still be eligible to vote and be considered a member for that particular year is August 1.  This does not meant that if dues are paid July 31st that the individual is a member from August through July. It simply means that they are members until April 30th are eligible to vote for that year.  This mechanism is in place to allow those members who do not qualify for Breed Council until later in the year a chance to be able to join and vote as long as all requirements are met prior to August.  After August 1, No more new members are accepted until January 1 the following year.  Obviously, if you are already a member, you get more perceived "value" for that membership by renewing as early as possible. The Egyptian Mau Breed Council provides a grace period until March before deleting members off the active email and mailing list...

(Thanks to then Persian Breed Council Secretary Susan Cook Henry for helping to clarify reasons for this sometimes very confusing issue!)



Please feel free to contact the Breed Council Secretary if you have questions regarding  membership.






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