Egyptian Mau Breed Council


Classic Project

             Information and questions can be sent to:

Chris Kaelin

Hudson Alpha Institute & Stanford College of Medicine, Dept. of Genetics   Mail samples to Chris Kaelin, 1835 Emerald Hills Rd., Redwood City, CA 94062


Cat Name:______________________________________    Registration Number ______________________________________

Brush ID Number_________________________________    or Blood sample Tube Number ______________________________

Date of Birth_____________________________________    Sex____________________________________________________

Please Check all that apply:


Glitter  ______    Rufoused (warm Orange Yellow color)________ White tummy_______  Mouse Coat________ Spectacles _____


Completely spotted rear legs____ Spotted Tail (more than half)_____  Spotted Toes_______ Completely spotted front legs______

Spotted Dorsal______


Long Body______ Shorter tail_____ Tail kink, abnormality______


Has color changed over time?  Yes______ No______

Additional information about the cat:____________________________________________________________________________





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