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season standings 2016/2017 season

April 2017


 GC BW NW Emauge Forevermark  CFA's 9th Best Cat Reg 1-9 - 4th generation NW, 5th generation BW
 GC NW Emau's I Candy Of Emauge  CFA's 4th Best Kitten Reg 1-9 First 5th Generation NW

New DM's !

GC BW NW Emau's Diamonds R Forever Of Emauge, DM  6th generation DM
GC Mautrix Light Up The Sky, DM  5th generation DM


Our National Breed Winners

 GC BW NW Emauge Forevermark  5958.90
 GC RW Mautrix Northern Lights  1690.55
 GC RW Emau's Covergirl  1598.45

National Breed Winners ID

 GC BW Maujik Danger Man Of Star-SeaEmauge Forevermark  384.25
 GC Maujik Nininanne Of Maurex  124.20

Our 10 Regional Winners and 11 Regional wins

 GP RW Ra's Abi's Naji N.A.R. 17th Best Cat
 GC GP Mautrix Aurora Borealis, DM G.L.R 14th Best Cat
 GC BW NW Emauge Forevermark S.R. 3rd Best Cat, 7th Best Kitten
 GC NW Emau's I Candy Of Emauge S.R. BEST Kitten
 GC RW Emau's Covergirl Of Emauge S.R. 16th Best Cat
 GC RW Mautrix Northern LIghts S.R. 15th Best Cat
 GC NW Mautrix Solar Eclipse S.R. 24th Best Cat
 GC RW Mautrix Sprite Lightning S.R. 25th Best Kitten
 GC RW Tiffanyland Argent Jap 20th Best Kitten
 GC RW PtiPrince Johnny Depp Eur 12th Best Kitten


Our Regional Best Of Breeds*

NAR (1) GC Hajja Licorice  318.45
NWR (2) CH Tavaron Scarlett Of Karand  5.95
GSR (3) None NA
GLR (4) Marzac Second Chance  11.70
SWR (5) GC Mautrix Firecracker  125.80
MWR (6) CH Emau's Serendipity Of Chirpycats  17.50
SR (7) GC BW NW Emauge Forevermark  5958.90
Japan (8) GC Tiffanyland Argent  535.65
Intl (9) GC Etrnl.Spring's Athena  582.40
Asia ID GC Maujik's Ninianne Of Maurex  124.20
Asia (ID) China GC BW Maujik's Danger Man Of Star-Sea  384.25


* Highest scoring cats reported here regardless of whether they had enough points to qualify officially for the certificate/plaque.


Our Top Kittens  

GC NW Emau's I Candy Of Emauge 2501.25
GC BW NW Emauge Forevermark 1413.10
GC RW Mautrix Sprite Lightning  802.15

Our Top Premiership Cats

 GC GP RW Mautrix Auroral Borealis, DM 1426.60
 GP RW Ra's Abi's Naji 643.25
 GP Ra's Abi's Omani 169.55



Our  23 New Grands!

GP Emauge Carat

GC BW NW Emauge Forevermark

GP Emauge Lucy In The Sky

GC NW Emau's I Candy Of Emauge

GC Etrnl.Spring's Athena

GC Etrnl.Spring's Venus

GC Hajja Licorice

GC Hajja Mr. Goodbar

GP Karmau's False Bravado

GC BW Maujik Danger Man Of Star-Sea

GC Maujik Ninianne Of Maurex - First Grand for both Maujik and Maurex!

GC GP RW Mautrix Aurora Borealis, DM

GP Mautrix Signal Fire

GP Mautrix Sky Rocket

GC Mautrix Silver Sparkler

GC RW Mautrix Sprite Lightning

GC PtiPrince Francois Cluzet

GC RW Ptiprince Johnny Depp

GP RW Ra's Abi's Naji

GP Ra's Abi's Omani

GC Ra's Abi's Rafi

GC Tiffanyland Argent

GC Vaernam Nessa



Note the following are minimum
point requirements to receive an official CFA breed and/or color class award:
National - Breed: 200; Color: 200
Region 1   Breed: 100(3); Color: 50 (2)
Region 2 - Breed: 50 (3); Color: 50 (2)
Region 3 - Breed: 50 (3); Color: 50 (2)
Region 4 - Breed: 1 (3); Color: 50 (2)
Region 5 - Breed: 50; Color: 50
Region 6 - Breed: 50; Color: 50
Region 7 - Breed: 50; Color: 100
Region 8 - Breed: 1; Color: 50

Region 9 - Breed:1; Color 50

Int'l Division (Asia/Latin America) - Breed: 50; Color: 1

Hawaii - Breed: 1 Color --

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