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season standings 2014/2015 season

April  2015

Our National Breed Winners

GC BW NW Emauge De Beers 4757.65
GC RW Mautrix Starshine 3786.05
GC RW Mautrix Star Pilot Of PtiPrince 3734.75

Our Regional Best Of Breeds*

NAR (1)  GC Schooietjes Kara Of Ra's Abi  211.25
NWR (2)  GC RW Kirydashi Makoha  1381.25
GSR (3)    
GLR (4)

 GC Aar-Gee Em's Gemma

SWR (5)  GC Hatmehit La Dentelle Of Brockhaven     92.75
MWR (6)    
SR (7)  GC BW NW Emauge De Beers  4757.65
Japan (8)  GC RW Tiffanyland Bouquet Of Angkor Glen  108.15
Intl (9)  GC RW Mautrix Star Pilot Of Ptiprince  3734.75
Asia (ID)    


* Highest scoring cats reported here regardless of whether they had enough points to qualify officially for the certificate/plaque.


Our Top Kittens  

 GC BW NW Emauge De Beers  2927.00
 GC RW Mautrix Starshine   1368.90
 GC RW Mautrix Star Pilot  1309.85

Our Top Premiership Cats

GP NW Aar-Gee-Em's Wilfred Noble  2953.20
GP RW Maison DuKat's Thorin Oakenshield  1899.80
GP Emau's Promise The Moon  221.00


New DM!

GC RW Mautrix Flight-Of-Fancy, DM

Our  New Grands!

GC Aar-Gee-Em's Gemma

GC Azshara Samba

GC D'Otz Promise Not To Tell

GC BW NW Emauge De Beers

GC Emau's Hope Springs Eternal

GP Emau's Promise The Moon

GP Giles Emau's Olabisi Of Maujik

GC Hatmehit La Dentelle Of Brockhaven

GC RW Kirydashi Mokoha

GP Mautrix Saladin

GC Mautrix Solar Wind

GC RW Mautrix Star Pilot

GC RW Mautrix Starshine

GC RW Ptiprince Donatella Versace

GC GP RW Ra'sAbi's Alina

GC Ra'sAbi's Arya Of Schooiertjes


Note the following are minimum
point requirements to receive an official CFA breed and/or color class award:
National - Breed: 0; Color: 200
Region 1   Breed: 100; Color: 50
Region 2 - Breed: 50; Color: 50
Region 3 - Breed: 15; Color: 50
Region 4 - Breed: 0; Color: 50
Region 5 - Breed: 50; Color: 50
Region 6 - Breed: 50; Color: 50
Region 7 - Breed: 100; Color: 100
Region 8 - Breed: 0; Color: 50

Region 9 - Breed:50

Int'l Division (Asia/Latin America) - Breed: 50.


CFA Egyptian Mau Grands

CFA Egyptian Mau Distinguished Merit Cats

CFA National Winners

CFA National Best Of Breed Winners

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